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why chloe lang is a gud stephanie!!!111!111111

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    Originally posted by possessor of mine View Post
    people like chloe?? I thought I'd be bashed on by (flaming0moe said "fake steph" in the comment section) everyone but you guys respect oPINION?!?!??!?!
    I don't think there were any members who hated Chloe, that's a big word. It just took some time getting used to a new Stephanie, and some struggled more than others, or still do. Change can be difficult. Sydney Bell or any other could have been a good Stephanie too and would have fallen victim to dislike by some members.
    Magnús: - I have fans of all ages and I don't think it's weird when older people like LazyTown. LazyTown appeals to people for many different reasons: dancing, acrobatics, etc.