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Let's Not Forget About Brett Cooper

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    Don't remember the name. Well that's not too shocking with this memory.
    2.41 million subs. Oh a girls life online.


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      I do vaguely remember when the auditions were going on. Think others posted videos as well.
      Just don't remember the names.


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        Certainly a talented gymnast. It amazes me that people can do things like that. Can't say I've heard of her as an adult though googling her name I see she is a political commentator of some kind. Always weird to me when people in their early 20's have so much to say, with so little life experience. I didn't know anything at that age and certainly didn't feel I was in a position to start telling others the way of the world. It's why I never wrote a book, I still feel I have nothing to say that is really worth reading. I think some people are just very self-confident and self-assured regardless of whether that confidence is justified.
        l i t t l es t e p h e r s