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  • LazyPooky
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    Curiosities Ghost Stoppers action scene

    I ran through the action scenes of Ghost Stoppers (season 4 episode) near the end of the episode, and I noticed that for this small action scene there are NO blurred frames, all movement frames are sharp. I've never seen that in any other episode. The sharp frames stop when Sportacus comes in action.

    The action scenes also had alternating slow motion and normal speed. Possibly it was shot in a higher frame rate or digitally enhanced that allowed the sharp movement frames to remain. Or, they used a different camera, and shot in double frame rate, because the colors look also brighter than normal.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ghost2-1500-logo.jpg Views:	0 Size:	710.6 KB ID:	196689
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    Originally posted by LazyPooky
    NO blurred frames. The sharp frames stop when Sportacus comes in action.
    In this case, probably deliberate as a way to accentuate Sportacus' extreme speed?
    I vaguely remember this episode from clips but don't remember off hand when
    Sportacus shows up.