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When is the third season coming?

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    Re: When is the third season coming?

    Originally posted by Alan314159
    Originally posted by CJVercetti
    Idiot, I can still harass you with PMs.
    Why would you do that? I'm not that interesting. And I wouldn't call that harassing: I check my PMs about as often as I open my curtains.

    And I'm pretty sure this is all off-topic: I'm used to mods in other places falling from the skies and battering people about the head with large rocks at the slightest hint of any post without at least 1 word from the subject in them.
    But then from what I've read, it doesn't take long for GL posts to go off-topic

    Usually about as long as it takes CJ to turn up, maybe?
    You're a quick learner, you!
    Seriously though, I think it's time to lock this thread. It was fun as long as it lasted! :)