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    I just was thinking, would anyone be interested in trying to write to talk shows or something to get them to have Magnus, Julianna, Stefan on? I was just watching the interview again with Julianna on Tony Danza and it's a real shame there have been no other interviews ever with them in the U.S. The U.K. has had a bunch with Magnus and such but never in the U.S.

    Since the show isn't on Nickjr anymore (at least currently) I don't know how interested talkshow people would be in having them as a guest. (unless ur promoting noggin or something) but it would still be nice to show our support that way.

    IDK, just thinking of a little idea. It doesn't even have to be a big talkshow like Regis and Kelly or Oprah, but it could be a different one like The View or something.


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      Hmm. I've read this entire topic, so I'll add in my two cents: Petitions are useless with less than at least 10,000 signatures... Our best bet would be a letter to the VP of nick, LT studios, or as some one else said, talk show hosts.


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        well, some talk shows are on summer hiatus right now, so it's pretty pointless to write at this time since only the students who work there in the summer are reading the mail.

        Best to write in mid-July.

        Ellen DeGeneres's talk show always seems to have a wide range of people. She's always looking for something fresh. If you write to her, be sure to use the healthy eating/living goal that Lazy Town is going for. Also, if you really want Julianna on the show, try REEEEALLY hard not to let your crush show through. Getting a bunch of letters saying "julianna is so cute, you should have her on", probably won't work ;)

        However, i will be writing "stefan is so cute, you should have him on."

        Why not ask for Magnus, Stefan AND Julianna? That would make for a neato show. She's had entire casts on before (from both tv and movies).
        She's also had the Kratt Brothers, so she has gone the kid show route before.

        i will definitely write. :)


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          While its a little late to note now, LazyTown returned to Nick's 7am slot on Sat/Sun... (Defeeted and Zap it!)

          ...only to be ABSENT from the schedule for next weekend. WTF kinda move is this?