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List of most LazyTown fonts

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  • List of most LazyTown fonts

    Hey all! I found some of the LazyTown fonts.

    Here's the list:
    Main Seasons 1-2 Font: Badaboom BB

    Glanni Glaepur i Latabae Logo Font: Banshee-STD-Regular

    Trixie's logo font: Comix Loud/Obelix Pro

    Robbie's font [the closest one to it at least]: Croobie

    Sportacus' font: Hemi Head 426

    Main Seasons 3-4 Font: LazyType Beta [used in credits for S3-4 and for many more pieces of LazyTown merch released after 2010]

    Secondary Seasons 3-4 Font: LazyType Beta Regular

    Stephanie's Logo Font: Freestyle Script

    On some of Stephanie's promo posters, there is text saying "There's Always a Way!". The font is Cooper Black.

    Bessie and Milford's logo font/the regular LazyTown Font: Arial Black [italicized]. This was used for many pieces of LazyTown Merch before the 2011 rebrand. An even BETTER LazyTownEntertainment-confirmed alternative is Imago Extra Bold Italic [which the LazyTown Style Guide says]. This font was used during the Nick Jr era from 2006-2010 and was used on all of the Beebe's DVDS until 2011.

    Stingy's font is Minion Pro.

    Ziggy's font is unknown, so I predict that it's a drawing.

    Not all of these are regular computer fonts, so I uploaded my LazyTown Fonts folder to Drive. The reason not ALL of these are available is because I already have them on my Windows 10.

    If you don't have a windows 10, I made a NotePad consisting of all the other fonts.

    Click HERE for the folder. [on the big blue text that's underlined, if you didn't notice 😐😐]
    move your feet and feel united

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    damn. okay. nobody replied to this.
    move your feet and feel united


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      Thanks, might come in handy.
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