LazyTown park in Dubai - IMG Worlds of Adventure

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  • LazyPooky
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    Re: LazyTown Live footage from Dubai, including a new version of Fun to be the Mayor!

    Nice to see something from that show.
    That show was probably in 2016 because they canceled LazyTown Live in 2017.
    Magnús: - I have fans of all ages and I don't think it's weird when older people like LazyTown. LazyTown appeals to people for many different reasons: dancing, acrobatics, etc.


    • babytroll
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      • May 2017
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      Re: LazyTown park in Dubai - IMG Worlds of Adventure

      I'm not one to argue with good things, but it's interesting that it's in the Cartoon Network land according to the site for the park that Pooky shared.

      I guess it makes sense as Turner was behind S3/4 and is the parent company of CN, but it feels so wrong that such a classic Nickelodeon show would be represented amidst Cartoon Network properties.


      • LihiPorat1
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        • Jun 2016
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        Re: LazyTown park in Dubai - IMG Worlds of Adventure

        Originally posted by LihiPorat1
        Such a close country to me, yet this is way I can't go there :(
        I'm Israeli and a Jew, so until there will be peace, I won't be able to go there :(
        Y’all remember this? Forget about it!
        Unless you lived under a rock, Israel made peace with UAE!! I mean, it’s not a real peace because we never fought each other, and apparently they never really hated us, but now Israelies can fly there!!
        My bestie and I want to go to Dubai on her birthday in December, and I suddenly remembered this existed, so yeah, another reason to go there, yay! (She’s also a LazyTowner ;) )