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Random Man From Iceland Comes To America (School Project)

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  • Random Man From Iceland Comes To America (School Project)

    This is an actual school project I got graded on.
    We had we had to make a basic PowerPoint using a graph, so I made this. I got a 100.

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    Congrats on the 100%.

    Outcome is all wrong. Man from Iceland comes to America to get rich quick by investing in the stonk market.
    Comes back home in the red with less money than when he left. In fact, owing money.

    Thanks though to your presentation I think I know who the real Florida man is now.

    For reference point of The Florida Man:

    "Florida Man is an Internet meme first popularized in 2013, referring to an alleged prevalence of a man performing irrational or maniacal actions in the U.S. state of Florida.​"

    Rather does sound like something Robbie Rotten would be doing. 🤣


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      Sweet. Not really based on Stefán Karl I suppose.
      Magnús: - I have fans of all ages and I don't think it's weird when older people like LazyTown. LazyTown appeals to people for many different reasons: dancing, acrobatics, etc.


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        Originally posted by boredjedi View Post
        Congrats on the 100%.
        Something I though I should mention, was that I made this PowerPoint in the school computer room, and I thought this was too funny to leave on the school computers and probably get deleted the next school year. So, the next week I brought my USB drive to school and copied it off. (my teacher gave me permission)
        It was a good thing I did that, since I made this PowerPoint last year, to my knowledge I think it got deleted off the school computers.
        However, if it's still there, Random Man From Iceland's legacy will live on!