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    We found out that the current forums have security risks and some parts of the scripts are obsolete with the new PHP7-server software. We fixed a few problems in these last couple of months. Also the mobile app is not updated since 2018. Google app store keeps telling me to update the app because of some missing script text or something, and will take it offline sooner or later if I don't update it soon. But.. for this vB4 there are no mobile updates anymore, only for the vB5 forums.

    Last year we investigated the possibility to convert the forums to a new version: vBulletin 5, and what products can be transferred - like colored names, shout etc.. It looks like nothing of that will be on vB5, just a clean install. Although there are some factory built-in features in vB5 now, that weren't there in the standard vB4. Also, around 70% of the visitor come from the mobile app with its own standard style so they won't see the style that's used in the vB skins anyway.

    We were hoping to get it up around October or November 2020. That's been delayed to later this year - probably around September 2021, or as long as it lasts with vB4.
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    thanks for working for the forum