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    kill me but this feels important.
    i'm not a jellyanna lazytowner, i grew up with chloe. [i started watching in 2014 on cable tv] and her songs are actually GOOD.
    she is actually active w/ her community and doesn't mind if we stalk her for lazytown-related purposes
    how do we NOT celebrate this?
    easy - we DO celebrate it.
    i've already made fanart, a birthday fanvid, a THUMBNAIL for the birthday fanvid.. now we just need more people to appreciate the one and only
    so the point of this whole thread is plans for what to do for chloe
    like a birthday box [digitally, with fanart, gifs, videos, etc]
    and when THE day comes, just pray our content for lourenco is finished by then [if you mfs are even making content for her 💀💀💀] . and also congratulate her in the happy birthday thread [4 days after maggi's special day]

    note: [boldened text
    is bold because they're either important, and for emphasis reasons]