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How to contact Magnus?

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  • How to contact Magnus?

    In 28 days, Maggi is gonna have a birthday. I want to make a tribute for him, but it would be pointless if he didnt see it. Anywhere to contact him? I don't have Twitter, or Instragram, so does anyone know his email or Youtube??
    1. I can either make the video viewable for everyone [ doesn't have to go straight to Maggi ]
    2. Or someone like Pooky who knows his youtube or email can tell me, and I can send it to him!!

    [i prefer the second option ]

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    Does anyone know where to contact Magnus?


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      Originally posted by possessor of mine View Post
      Does anyone know where to contact Magnus?
      We don't have Magnús contact information. I know he's on twitter.
      Best way is to send your letter addressed to Magnús to the restaurant in Reykjavík, and he will receive it:

      Frakkastíg 26a
      Magnús: - I have fans of all ages and I don't think it's weird when older people like LazyTown. LazyTown appeals to people for many different reasons: dancing, acrobatics, etc.


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        Ok.. thanks


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          Magnus has never been very interactive with the fan community, but especially now that he sold the property years ago. If you want to make a tribute for your own sake or for other fans to see, that's great. However, it sounds harsh to say, but I think you'd be wasting your energy trying to make something for him to see.


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            Yeah Imao I agree
            But I have nothing else to do w/ my life, so I can relate to bill wurtz.
            Originally posted by billwurtz
            got to know just.. what i'm doingwmahlife!11!!
            I made a tribute for Chloe, and there is a higher chance of her seeing it bcuz
            1. She has twitter [even though I never used it]
            2. She has an active YouTube [she sees my comments frequently]
            3. She has a website, maybe there is a contact page on there.