Magnus' 60th Birthday Project

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    Magnus' 60th Birthday Project

    I was thinking we could do something like for Mani's birthday but with Maggi's!

    I even thought up my own lyrics for NOLIL (2007 mix) on the way to school:
    Turning on the TV, switching to channel 13 (Nickelodeon)
    LazyTown is playing and Sporty is backflipping

    Magnus Scheving, handstand legend, there's only one thing to say
    We all wish you a very happy birthday

    Hey, hey! Get up and dance
    Happy birthday Magnus!

    Hey, hey! Let's all trance!
    Happy birthday to you, Magnus!

    If anybody would like to sing the pink parts, feel free. I'll pick blue.
    Magnus owns LazyTown again. Celebrate!