LazyTown - Amigos Para Siempre (Friends Forever Audiobook)

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  • possessor
    sounds like original quality from '06

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  • LazyPooky
    Oh, the audio sound like it's just taken from the episode. No original Spanish Castilian season two songs after all.

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  • LazyTown - Amigos Para Siempre (Friends Forever Audiobook)

    Originally posted by Stingy
    Spain has an interesting set of merchandise that pops up every so often. Yesterday I noticed that a Spanish version of the Friends Forever book was up online. I haven't seen this before and it especially interests me because of the CD included, which will have some Spanish versions of music. I picked one up and will rip the CD once it arrives, but here they are if you want one for yourself:
    Took me long enough but here it is :)