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Sporta-robbie anyone? (LazyTown ships)

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  • Sporta-robbie anyone? (LazyTown ships)

    As title suggests, curious as to what y'all think of the ship I once saw. A cute fan-fic someone shared with me.

    It had the sporta role with Sportacus taking on dad role for Stephanie because of her uncle passing, i think? I know but it was cute and I loved it.

    Sure Robbie's a lazy villain but at the end of the day someone has to love the bad ones, and somehow I think the reason Robbie is so rotten is because he never was shown love as a kid and to top it off.

    I think he might be this day because he wrote to number nine as a kid and got no response so he decided to take out all the numbers, or maybe it might have been 8 or even earlier as we don't know his in show age.

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    Re: Sportarobbie anyone?

    any updates?