Stingy is not 8 years old.

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    Stingy says in Happy Brush Day - The Birthday Fairy owns him 8 years of back presents with interest. in 2009 says "Six year old Stingy is simply selfish." in 2004 says "Stingy [7 years old].

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    It's confusing now as in 2004 says this..
    Stingy (7 years old)

    A bossy collector of stuff, Stingy impatiently dreams of being king of the world. Young and eager, he loves playing with the group (you can’t be a king without subjects), but finds himself apoplectic with jealousy whenever anyone brings something new to play with, something that he doesn’t have. He feels that possessions ‘make the man’. Stingy’s avid collecting does mean that he usually has just the thing the others need to save the day, put on the play, or find their way. If he’ll only share it, that is.

    Stingy admires Trixie’s carefree attitude, but he’s jealous of her leadership ability. He’s covetous of Pixel’s computers and gadgets, can’t comprehend Ziggy’s generosity, and, while he really likes Stephanie, is vexed by her seeming lack of concern with material things. What’s a king to do?

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    started a topic Stingy is not 8 years old.

    Stingy is not 8 years old.

    2009 confirms his REAL age.
    This must have changed in Season 3 by 2 years.

    "Six year-old Stingy is simply selfish"

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