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    Originally posted by Buzz View Post
    cool...even on a booklet pooks shows up with admin I think you both are best buddies now ))

    hm...Sportaflop is a little blurry even though he appears on the foreground
    Thanks. But the post where you have to select your best GL friend proves it cuz I voted for Pooky.

    I had to use purple for Pooky because her profile picture consists of purple. A lot. Also because of her being an admin, that's true.

    The picture of Sportacus was the only one that I could find, I had more high quality ones but they were taking too long to find. And they were from circa 2010-14, which sucked because I liked Sportacus pics during 2003-08. I had a lot of those but they weren't transparent.


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      Originally posted by LazyPooky View Post
      You can easily skip/delete the last song or pretend it's not there 😄

      Well done with the art
      with one remark: you used an incorrect username
      Holy CRAP holy crap HOLY CRAPP!! I'm so happy you liked it. And yes I'll try ignoring the Season 3 song. I'd like it better if Fun Summertime wasn't the only Season 3-4 song on the mix, but as Greg Heffley said in 2009: "Oh well."

      The reason I typed Pooky instead of LazyPooky is because Pooky sounds better then LazyPooky. I also wanted the text with your name to be big, and if I put Lazy in the Lazy wouldn't be able to see. Pooky is shorter. And I know i can just stretch it, but I used PowerPoint AND I wanted it to be big.

      When making an album cover most people wi ignore crediting themselves. Not me, and I didn't even make the song.

      Overall, I made it JUST for you and I waited forever for a response. I'm sooooo superrr glad you liked it!

      pooky likes my stuff