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Any hopes for The Lazy Dance finally seeing a release?

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  • Any hopes for The Lazy Dance finally seeing a release?

    From what we know, it never aired because of some behind the scenes issues and stuff, leading to it being unfinished. However, Mani still had this episode lying around in his hard drive as late as 2013 or 2014, since he showed it to member Stingy while he visited Iceland. I wonder if anybody involved in LazyTown still has The Lazy Dance somewhere. However, releasing it would require some legal stuff first, which also explains why Mani only released the stems of WANO, and Warner Bros. Discovery is the current owner of LazyTown as an IP. Maybe it could release in 2024 to commemorate LazyTown’s 20th anniversary. But then again, that’s kinda unlikely given No Rita Norita’s tendency to cancel projects and remove them from HBO Max for the sake of tax deduction.
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    I bet there's hope.
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      Originally posted by Stingy View Post
      I bet there's hope.
      You are the Messiah, member Stingy! YOU HAVE GOT THE LAZY DANCE! You should upload it to Drive [Don't kill me when I say Drive instead of!] or to YouTube or somewhere!


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        If please member Stingy, uploads the episode to download either on Drive or Mega or Mediafire and So you can there would be no copyright issues on YouTube, you would be a hero if you did.


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          Anyways, the only downside to the Lazy Dance being publicly released is that it won't be a rare LazyTown thing anymore. In fact it's the only thing that the LT community is still looking for.


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            Well, the 2002 pilot was even rarer and then it was uploaded by Shelby Young and is still very sought after by fans And nothing changed.