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Detailed Episode Analysis: 1x18 - Records Day

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  • Detailed Episode Analysis: 1x18 - Records Day

    Season: 1
    Episode: 18
    Production #: 131
    Original Airing Date: June 09, 2005
    Episode Summary: The LazyTown kids plan to set a world record in being active, which jeopardizes Robbie's plan to set a record for laziness.
    Opening Shot: Sportacus jumps in his airpod in 12.50 seconds
    What Sports/Equipment does Sportacus use?
    What does Sportacus eat/drink? A bite of his apple.
    Suspension of Disbelief? LazyTown's timing is fast as the time Sportacus jumped in his airpod was 11 seconds, but it would've been 9 in real life.
    What Gadgets/Vehicles does Sportacus use?
    Story by: Magnus Scheving
    Episode Written by: Noah Zachary, Cole Louie and Magnus Scheving
    Episode Directed by: Magnus Scheving and Jonathan Judge
    Where does the Action mainly take place? On LazyTown's sports field.
    Recurring Characters present? All
    Recurring Characters absent? None
    Guest Appearances / Outsiders: None
    Kid's Challenge/Play/Sport: The kids try to set a world record.
    Mini-Save: Sportacus convinces the kids to set a team record.
    Robbie Mad: There isn't really a Robbie mad scene until he fails.
    Robbie Disguise:
    Rotten Plan: Robbie has a plan to set the world record "Laziest Person". As this keeps getting interrupted, Robbie shoots flying soccer balls at Sportacus so he can't help the kids with his record.
    Robbie's Gadgets/Vehicles: Robbie's soccer ball shooter
    Rejected Disguises:
    Music Video / Song: "Energy" , Youtube
    Stephanie's Clothes/Special Outfit: Stephanie and all the kids wear their normal clothes.
    Big Save: The kids throw an apple to Sportacus, and Sportacus stops his airship from crashing into Milford's house.
    Bing Bang Song: Normal
    Robbie's Joke / Closing Scene: Robbie complains about his record and imitates Stingy [What about MY record? MINE MINE MINE!]. He then puts his hand on the handle, but misses, and falls on the ball shooter. He then is thrown into his lair then lands on his chair, which crashes into the wall. Robbie says this HAS to be some kind of record.
    Notable Puns: ?
    Pixel's Gadgets: Football Video Game
    Internal Cross References: LazyTown News [seen later in Action Time], The World Record Book, Bessie's Cucumber Facial, Specially designated days in LazyTown (There seem to be a lot of these e.g. "Record's Day", "Laziest Town day")
    External Cross References: ?
    Bloopers / Mistakes / Weird Things: In the Russian dub, Robbie mistakenly reads Sportacus as the laziest person.

    1. Sportacus climbing up with just one bite of an apple is impossible.

    2. LazyTown's timing is fast [basically, seconds are fast in LazyTown]. The time Sportacus jumped in his airpod was 12 seconds, but it would've been 9 in real life.

    3. Ziggy's golf ball broke once it flew back at the ground. This is impossible as the ground is concrete AND golf balls aren't made out of glass.

    4. Pixel weirdly loses his video game, which in most episodes he wins. This was because at first they were losing, but later they finally achieve what they want to do. This happens in most episodes

    5. The LazyTown Newspaper's article is "Mayor Meanswell Snores To Loud". This could be an error while typing this newspaper up, or maybe the person who writes the newspaper can't spell "too".

    6. "LazyTown" in the news paper is spelt Lazy ● Town.

    7. Bessie's newspaper is ripped by a ball that Robbie threw. Paper is not this weak in real life. [or maybe i've never threw a baseball at a newspaper.]

    8. In this episode's version of Energy, the clouds are re-styled/drawn to look more realistic.

    9. In the British dub of "Energy", Stephanie's lines are recorded again to give her a higher voice.

    10. In the UK, the line "you only have to move around until you get your feet of the ground" is turned into a Stephanie line instead of a Stingy line, and the word "ground" is given some echo/reverb.

    11. Weirdly, the kids somehow get better at what they are trying to set a record in when they have to save Sportacus. So when they want to do it, they can't. But when they HAVE to, they can!

    12. In the screenshot below, Stephanie is seen to have done many attempts playing cricket. She has 5 bats and 4 balls. Has Stingy's brattiness affected her? [tHe bAlL gAvE mY bAt 0.01 pErCeNt oF aIr, sO I cAnT uSe iT.] Or have those been there already, and she isn't the only one who's tried to set a cricket world record in LazyTown?

    Moral Lessons / Point of the Production: You got energy and you're on your way!

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    Behind The Scenes: Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0516.jpg Views:	0 Size:	54.9 KB ID:	183547​​

    Credit: Some information and episode summaries borrowed from the LazyTown Wikipedia Episode Page and the LazyWiki
    Happy New Year!