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  • Lazytown Australia

    As most of you know ABC is reshowing Lazytown starting........1/2 an hour ago,
    according to Nindanjoe these episodes are the ones missing US audio:
    Episodes With Missing US Audio:

    204 Double Trouble
    212 Birthday Surprise
    213 LazyTown Goes Digital
    Episodes With US VHS Quality Audio:

    205 Haunted Castle
    211 Energy Book
    215 Once Upon a Time
    I have already got the US audio of Lazytown Goes Digital from ABC's Iview site, and ABC kicked LazyTown off with Haunted Castle
    I am recording all of these, unfortunately it's all being shown on ABC2 which is not HD.
    The order they are showing them is also ****ed.
    This is the order:
    1. Haunted Castle
    2. Sports Day
    3. Defected (Probably Defeeted)
    4. Lazy Scouts
    5. Crystal Caper
    6. Zap It
    7. Swiped Sweets
    8. Happy Brush Day
    9. Sleepless In Lazytown
    10. Hero for a day
    11. My treehouse
    12. Cry Dinosaur
    13. Pixels Pix
    14. Dear Diary
    15. Remote Control
    16. The Laziest Town
    17. Sportacus Who?
    18. LazyTown's Surprise Santa
    19. Secret Agent Zero
    20. Play Day
    21. Ziggy's Alien
    22. Record's Day
    23. Robbie's Greatest Misses
    24. Sports Candy Festival
    25. Dancing Duel
    24. - (None listed)
    25. Lazy Town's New Super Hero (in a 1/2 hour time slot)
    26. - (I presume they will split Lazy Town's New Super Hero across 2 days filling either slot 24 or this one.)
    27. Welcome To Lazy Town
    28. Dr Rottenstein
    29. Rottenbeard
    30. Sportafake
    31. Soccer Sucker
    This might change, as im getting this using a few tricks on their program listing, they haven't planned past the 20th but they are showing the rest of Lazytown.

    I originally posted this about the US audio issue, but then went and listed the order XD so, if anyone else from Australia is wondering, thats the order

    Edit: I can't be ****ed updating this list anymore, ABC aren't sticking to what they say, and are gonna show Welcome to LazyTown 3 times in a week according to their site.
    On top of that they showed 1/2 of Lazytown's New Superhero, then cut it short after 1/2 an hour. i told them it was double length before but no-one said anything, and now they dont wanna show the other 1/2.
    THIS is what happens when you let a government run company take control of ALL the children's programming.

    I recently received a PROPER reply with info to this bullshit broadcasting:
    "All i have got from them is that:

    "This repeat run of Lazy Town is not handled by our workers, instead, our automated system picks an episode at random and plays it.
    Unfortunetly, some episodes were given to us with incorrect listings, which is why the wrong episode is displayed on the ABC Kids website, and any other ABC TV Listings.
    Earlier this week the system glitched, and a few programs showed the first episode repeatedly until we could fix the glitch.
    The episode "Lazy Town's New Superhero" is a special double length episode from the series, our automated system is not programmed to handle events like this, and cuts off at the end of the 20 minute time slot the episode is intended to be given.
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused."

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    Lazytown Australia

    Just an 2011 update if anyone is interested. I noticed during the first month or two of this year they played it at least twice a day (I counted 3 on one day) and then all of a sudden it went to just afternoons and after a few weeks purely weekends.

    They started playing Season 1 in no particular order then Season 2.

    It's now back weekly and they seem to be playing the episodes in order.

    I've also spotted "Sections" of LazyTown Extra on ABC2/4Kids. What I mean is it's usually the first minute which is Super Moves (but I did see a Stephanie dance segment once) at inconsistent times. Only saw it advertised in the Built-in E-TV Guide once.


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      Lazytown Australia

      Last I checked it was showing on abc 2 at 12:30 every day. And like 7 am on weekends
      But that late last year. havn't looked since my obsession stopped.

      I was hoping for some eps on abc1 before they shut down hd. :(


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        Lazytown Australia

        Surprisingly, ABC 4 Kids is still broadcasting LazyTown daily at 7am. In the wrong order, of course.

        And LazyTown in HD would be amazing.