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    Jodi has asked me to promote his latest podcast "Easter In Hell(nar)", so here it is:

    "I just published a podcast about my Easter break in 2004 with fellow LazyTown puppeteers Julie and Sarah. Although not specifically about LazyTown, I thought some of the fans might be interested and wondered if you would spread the word. Stingy hates sharing, of course, but in this case he might make an exception."

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    Re: Jodi's Podcasts

    Nice. I like the music. Title for the music? I see the name of the artist on the bottom but no song title.

    Julie Westwood Bessie Busybody= Big tits Big head

    Also thanks and thank Jodi too great podcast.


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      Re: Jodi's Podcasts

      Originally posted by sportagirl_10.5
      Sexual addict, lmao.
      Getur einhver annar verið Glanni ? það bara passar ekki
      Stefan Karl Stefansson, það er enginn eins og þú!