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    Jodi has asked me to promote his latest podcast "Easter In Hell(nar)", so here it is:

    "I just published a podcast about my Easter break in 2004 with fellow LazyTown puppeteers Julie and Sarah. Although not specifically about LazyTown, I thought some of the fans might be interested and wondered if you would spread the word. Stingy hates sharing, of course, but in this case he might make an exception."
    Grammar Elf Alert!

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    Re: Jodi's Podcasts

    Nice. I like the music. Title for the music? I see the name of the artist on the bottom but no song title.

    Julie Westwood Bessie Busybody= Big tits Big head

    Also thanks and thank Jodi too great podcast.


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      Re: Jodi's Podcasts

      Originally posted by sportagirl_10.5
      Sexual addict, lmao.
      Getur einhver annar verið Glanni ? það bara passar ekki
      Stefan Karl Stefansson, það er enginn eins og þú!