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    Re: Website is slow sometimes

    I remember when I had to transfer some money a long time ago. I went to the bank, and got a piece of paper to fill out.
    Casually, I just wrote 40.00,- and signed under to give to the lady at the desk. When she revived my note, she was very baffled. She said that I was missing a "0", and asked if I was sure about this? Me, being the 13 yo kid I was, I said "Of course!" and was just about to put another 0 on there. That's when I realized what I had done....

    And that's when I learned the difference between a comma and a full stop when dealing with numbers. Luckily nothing happened, but try to imagine what lesson I would have learned, if it really had cost me 39.960,-...
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      Re: Website is slow sometimes

      Everything is fixed now. The site runs very smooth and fast.
      It was a long ride to get where we are now, thanks you all for your patience.

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