Judging from what I see and hear online, 2005 LazyTown community did not think it all mattered about the songs. But this changed in 2017. Songs are all for them. And they don't think very well about Go for it.
I think it's one of the best LazyTown songs of season 1, which is why it's in one of my upcoming videos of the best 5 lazytown songs from S1. Lots of peeps hate this song.
I think Zoomio, MrMeistroMan or Bonzorio mentioned that the song is all about moving and getting up which is what the show is about, but I think it was to inspire Lazytown some more to raise the energy bar.. like a "you can do it!" speech but in song form. I bet like 50 people here are gonna say it sucks. What do you think about Go for it and the episode it's featured in?