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Wash you hands on the Bing Bang song in Corona time

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  • Wash you hands on the Bing Bang song in Corona time

    Re: Lazypics (part 15)

    Wash your hands kids.
    Duh, should've added a backstory.
    Most other Countries are "locking down" etc, the UK was told to "find a 20 second song to wash your hands to".

    Click image for larger version

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    Getur einhver annar verið Glanni ? það bara passar ekki
    Stefan Karl Stefansson, það er enginn eins og þú!

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    Re: Lazypics (part 15)



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      Sorry to necrobump but this is so cute. I'm so glad the pandemic has slowed down across the world and we are all safer than we were back in 2020. But I literally CANNOT think of the song Big Bang and not do the Can-Can leg kicking part XD I would have been kicking my bathroom sink if I tried doing this.
      Additionally, a little off-topic but I should mention the fact that I still use "20 Times Time" for brushing my teeth some nights!
      I also use that when I'm at the gym and need to know how many reps to do...I just say 20 x 3 and call it a day, lol. Thank you, Sportacus.

      Sorry again for the insane bump, lol. Lord have mercy on me for discovering these forums and going bananas.🍌


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        I used to do 20 Times Time. Sometimes I uupped it and did 200 times time lol