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  • My Lazytown DVD Covers

    Made with Powerpoint.
    Made because I'm stupid, random, a waste of human and have nothing else to do with my life.
    Inspired from the "My Lazytown Season 1 DVD covers" thread from
    2007 [by Stevo].

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    Oops, forgot S3.
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      I made some more today.

      "The Best of Sportacus" and "The Best of Stephanie".

      I will do "The Greatest Hits" based on the community's favourite LazyTown episodes.

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        Made these based on the community's fav episodes:
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          I've gotten obsessed with making fake DVD covers that will never be on the front and back of officially trademarked and released DVDS. Want proof? Sure. I'VE MADE 22 FAKE DVD COVERS. ANY MORE PROOF NEEDED?!
          If I'm crazy enough tomorrow [or until October 11, when the final school semester begins] I can make some more of these. But it's like 1% chance so dont get excited DVD fanatics.
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